Worship – 9:30 a.m.    S.S. – 10:45 a.m.

Pastors – Mike & Karen Isaacs

Office (580) 259-6440

Mike (cell) 580-539-1004

Karen (cell) 580-539-1005





August  4, 2019


Welcome to this place of worship.  May you experience God’s loving

presence and power as we meet God in scripture, song, and prayer.







*HYMN …..This Is the Day…...……………..Red Chorus Book 86


SHARING OF TITHES - …………….………….Trustee Fund


Prayer of Thanks


HYMN  ……Lord I Need You…………..………..………..Screen



SONG – …Blessed Assurance  …………….……...………...MH 544

MESSAGE ...…To Judge Or Not To Judge?………….Mike Isaacs

*CLOSING HYMN – ..Can The World See Jesus In You?…..…SLS 37


*BENEDICTION SONG – The Lord Lift You Up……..………..Screen

* Those comfortable standing please rise.


Accompanist – Donna E.

Candle Lighter –

Sound – Jason B .                Computer – Chad P.




NEXT SUNDAY – August 11, 2019

Accompanist – Donna Evans       Sound – Rosetta S.

Computer – Calli Jones                Candlelighter –

Offering –  Trustee Fund

Praise and Inspiration – George & Shirley Kroeker





TODAY: Copies of the Congregational Information Forms and 20 Pastoral Tasks will be in the Adult Sunday School classes today.   Please review and give feedback to the Pastoral Search Committee.


Wednesday: Sign up for Camp Gibson Church Retreat  (August 17-18th) by the 7th of August.  Please let us know if you are spending the night.





Thank you for the prayers, cards, and phone calls this past week.  What a blessing to have such a wonderful, caring church family.  It is very much appreciated.   -  Loren and Kitty Plett


Today – The Pastoral Search Committee will have copies of the Congregational Information Form (CIF) and the results of the 20 Pastoral Tasks in the Adult Sunday School classes for you to review.  There will also be a copy left on the table in the foyer.  We welcome any feedback on this CIF as soon as possible as we will submit it to the conference minister shortly.

- Randi J., Jean R., Nick K., Loren P. & Paula S.


Want to get involved?  - Fall is coming upon us very fast.  The Education Committee would like to have 3 Sunday School Classes, for the youth/children, starting with the young ones, Jr. High Youth, and High School Youth.  With this approaching we are in need of Fall Sunday School Teachers.  We would like to make this a  fun and exciting fall for everyone.  If you want to get involved please see one of the Education Committee members.


TURPIN COMMUNITY JOINT CHURCH RETREAT AND WORSHIP at Camp Gibson on August 17-18.  It will include Saturday evening meal, campfire singing, overnight sleeping for those interested, Sunday breakfast, joint worship service,      smorgasbord dinner by the camp chef, water slide and swimming.  No services at Turpin churches on August 18. An alternative worship service for those not able to to to Camp Gibson will be held at the Turpin Senior Center at 11:00 a.m.


PRAYER CHAIN:  If you would like to put a friend on the

prayer chain, please get permission from that person or a family

member to do so and then contact a deacon.


HARVEST MISSION CELEBRATION will be on September 8 with Austin Regier’s Family giving a musical concert


TURPIN FOOD PANTRY fundraiser meal on October 6, 2019, 12:00 noon, at the Turpin Baptist Church.

Please remember the following in your prayers:

Carolee Nickel                 Grace Martinez

Barbara Trahern                Twila Boyd

Brandi Williams                Janice Gowens

John McCarthy                 Kalina Simpson

Shirley Eggers                  Randy Parr

Caregivers                 Alan Hodges

Pastoral Search Committee

Raul Serrano Birthday – Today

Aniya Wallace Birthday – Today

Todd & Kelly Carlile Anniversary – Monday

Bob & Lynette Regier Anniversary – Monday

Ted & Paula Schmidt Anniversary – Monday

Claire Peters Birthday – Wednesday

Dori Loepp Birthday – Friday

Joe Ferguson Birthday – Saturday


CASSETTE RECORDINGS of worship services will be done if

you request it ahead of time from the Sound Person or Pastor.

A cassette player will be available to play the cassette tape.


SUNDAY SCHOOL OFFERINGS  for the June through August

quarter will be for the Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch.